Monday, December 3, 2012

The Ciccarellis : Family : Vermont

This weekend I got to meet this little guy.  Oh so adorable, as was his fuzzy friend.  Little babies and dogs, something I sorely miss as we no longer have either in our house.    Thank you Ciccarellis, for giving me a fix!  And I may get a chance to get another as it seems it's not an official shoot unless I leave a piece of equipment behind. So I'll be back to pick up a lens later this week.  Maybe I'll get a wet lick and a chubby cheeked smile too. But more than likely, I'll just make the dog bark and wake up the baby.  Let me apologize in advance as that I remember too.


  1. Thank you so much Kirstin for capturing some precious moments of our lil guy and us. I guess I can't forget our other 'kid' Maggie. We had a great time and these pics turned out amazing.

  2. Wow...beautiful pictures, thanks for sharing them...God Bless your family. Melonye C. Ballard

  3. I bet you could make another seem to do so well so far. The world could use another cute little LaMonde :)