Monday, June 27, 2011

Theresa & Dan : Vermont Wedding : Part 2

I love church weddings.  The big open space.  The wood, the glass...the tradition. Church walls stand through time, witnessing the countless joys and sorrows that life bestows.  Watching a bride and groom stand in front of a congregation, it's humbling to think of all the families that have begun with declarations up on that same alter.  The sense of continuity, the building of community.  Watching Theresa stand in the same spot her mother stood across from her father years ago, making the same promises with Dan that her parents vowed to each other, with them watching on, it was truly and honor.  Starting off like this, I can only imagine how amazing their life will be.   If the party was any indication, well, it'll definitely be fun!  Thanks again Theresa & Dan.  It was a blast!     

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Theresa & Dan : Vermont Wedding : Part 1

Happy to share the first part of Theresa and Dan's wedding day!  Full of classic beauty and happy anticipation.  The ladies were a joy to hang out with as they got Theresa ready to put on that gorgeous dress (one of my favorites so far this season).  Dan and his guys headed early to the church,  and when the angles weren't right, were handed the camera in the back of the limo (Cyndi is a genius)...and yay! they even got a few good ones (I won't mention how many blurry out of focus ones). The outpouring of support was tangible as people gladly took part in these two kind and sweet souls becoming family.  Thanks again Theresa & Dan, for letting us take part too.  And Congratulations!

Stay tuned for more!