Monday, November 29, 2010

Sara : Growing Family

My dear friend Sara and her family are eagerly awaiting the fifth member of their clan.  Having never done a maternity session before, I jumped at the chance (read: begged) to photograph Sara and her gorgeous group of boys. Having two boys myself, her home has a familiar and comfortable energy.  Couch diving, exuberant laughs and brotherly rough housing is something we both experience on a daily basis...though she does it with a little something pink on her knitting needles to distract her.   I think I'd give it a go myself if I looked like Sara does when pregnant. Seriously?  Just beautiful.

Here's to being a little less outnumbered. Can't wait to meet her.  

Monday, November 22, 2010

Owen : Litte Dude

Man, it got cold this weekend.  I was a bit worried about the little guy I was going to meet on Sunday, having to brave the bitterness to let me and my camera invade his personal space.  But as you can see, Owen was totally up for it.  His parents and I had decided Church Street would be a nice place to meander about, and it was great.  We thought, toddler friendly, lots of room, no cars... but another bonus we didn't even think of? DOGS!   Burlington is definitely a dog town and Sunday was no exception.  Owen perked up every time a fluffy creature would walk by.   He even made a few friends.  Here's Owen showing the "Dog Face" that's pretty much standard when little kids meet a friendly pooch...bracing for the lick.  Though I'm thinking this is actually the after lick grimace. 

For the rest of the afternoon Owen gave little barks and yelps to all the puppies we would see.  So darn cute it made me wish my photos had audio.  But the visual I guess will just have to do.  

Monday, November 15, 2010

Engagement : Theresa and Daniel

This Saturday the clouds parted, the air warmed up, and Vermont in November became quite a lovely time of year, as opposed to the dismal cold and wet time of year it was the week prior. Perfect for an engagement shoot with Theresa and Daniel. If anything, the sun shone a bit too brightly, but they put up with me asking them to smile into the sun, and I indulged my tendency to shoot into the light...all with marvelously sweet results. Congratulations guys! (don't let the planning stress you out).

Monday, November 8, 2010

Family : The Currells

After a reschedule due to icky weather, I got together with the lovely Currell family.  Putting together this post was hard, because there were SO MANY great images to choose from. And, phew,  what a relief!   I have to admit, I was a wee bit intimidated for this shoot.  My first "tween."  Give me a toddler? Golden.  I know how to make them laugh, giggle, and perform for my camera. But a 10 year old boy? gulp.  But now I feel silly because he was SO awesome.  And he whole-heartedly embraced my one, single idea..."so, you want to jump off something?"


Sunday, November 7, 2010

Family : The VanMullens

I got to spend Saturday morning photographing this gorgeous family.  I must admit I am a bit partial to the whole "two boy" dynamic and these little guys were just as active and down with the camera as my own crazy little men.  

Things have picked up a bit due to it being "Christmas Card" season and all.  I love the chance to photograph families together.  After all, how often does EVERYONE get to be in the picture?  As the mom/photographer of my own brood, I know too well trying to get that timer/tripod dynamic to work, just so there is evidence that I actually exist.  During this already stressful time of year, I'm honored to take that burden away and let everyone relax, smile and look beautiful.